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International Underwater Film Festival- Belgrade

The 1st International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade was held in 1997. Organizers were Diving Club "Belgrade", Divers Association of Yugoslavia and French Cultural Center.

From 1997 to 2000, our audience was able to follow current events in the world underwater film production, through the selection of films brought to us by Mr. Mercier, our guest of honor and official associate of Belgrade festival. Each year number of films, participants and viewers was getting bigger and Belgrade festival became significant cultural and educational manifestation, with many additional programs like underwater photography and student poster exhibitions, children drawings contest etc.

The International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade is a unique opportunity to peek into the underwater world, to find out more about it through films, photos, meetings with authors and other underwater adventurers and enthusiasts. As usual, the Festival program encompassed film contest and film revue, underwater photography contest and exhibition, children drawings exhibition, art studentsí poster contest and exhibition, lectures, presentations and many other events. Also, like every year, income was donated to the Shelter for children without parental care "Drinka Pavlovic".

We are hoping that December in Belgrade will always be of deep blue color and that the International Underwater Film Festival will keep taking Belgrade to the world and bringing the world to Belgrade.




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